For sale: a spouse, virgin and used tissue

For sale: a spouse, virgin and used tissue

E-bay is celebrating its tenth birthday in 2010, so listed here is a review of a few of the strangest things ever become auctioned - and prohibited - on the website. Have a look at a few of the weirdest things ever set up on the market.

E-bay is celebrating its birthday that is tenth this, therefore we take a good look at a few of the strangest things ever to be auctioned - and prohibited - on the website.

: After 26 several years of wedding, Paul Osborn discovered their spouse had been cheating, on eBay so he got his revenge by selling her. Besides detailing her telephone number, work details and her enthusiast's house target; he penned this sentiment that is touching 'Here is my adulterous, lying, cheating, bitch whore of the spouse. Do not bid on her behalf because she actually is well worth sod all.'

: A German couple put their child on e-bay with a beginning cost of one Euro. "Offering my nearly newborn for purchase because it has grown to become too noisy. It's a male child, nearly 28 ins long and may be utilized either in a child provider or even a pram." Law enforcement investigated the situation nevertheless the mom said it had been simply bull crap, including "I would never ever throw in the towel my Merlin that is beloved.

Gesundheit Johansson told Jay Leno she had caught a cold from Samuel L Jackson and thought her disease had more "value" as it had dual celebrity germs. She was sold by her utilized tissue on e-bay and was able to raise $5,300 (?3,600) for charity.

The ability to vote: a pupil in the University of Minnesota experimented with offer their vote within the 2008 US elections - unaware that the 1993 legislation banned the purchase of votes making their action instead unlawful.

' One Slightly Used Size 12 Bridal Dress. Just used twice: as soon as during the wedding as soon as of these images'

: a guy whoever breakup had been going to be thought that is final'd get some good cash back by auctioning their wife's bridal dress on eBay - and modelled it himself.Read more