Can ladies get prostate cancer tumors?We let you know solution

Can ladies get prostate cancer tumors?We let you know solution

While ladies would not have prostates, they do have a series of glands and ducts at the front end associated with the vagina called the Skene glands, that are often described as the female prostate.

Researchers have found that the Skene glands share a number of the exact same properties as a man prostate, which will be situated involving the bladder and also the penis. For instance, both the prostate as well as the Skene glands contain prostate-specific antigen (PSA) and PSA phosphatase (PSAP), which are enzymes that may suggest the ongoing wellness of this prostate in males.

The finding why these glands have actually similarities has resulted in making use of the term "female prostate."

Therefore, in this way, females do have prostates, and feminine prostate cancer tumors is theoretically feasible. It really is, nevertheless, incredibly unusual.

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Research to the feminine prostate is nevertheless relatively brand brand new, therefore medical practioners aren't clear on everything the feminine prostate does. However some research shows that the Skene glands perform a part that is important the feminine urinary tract and genitals.

But, the usage of more advanced level imaging technologies, such as for instance magnetic resonance imaging (MRIs), has offered scientists a significantly better comprehension of the way the feminine prostate works.

Prostate-specific cancer and antigen indications

One part of focus for scientific studies are how a prostate that is female PSA. PSA is an indication of prostate cancer tumors in men and may even appear as an indicator of particular forms of cancer of the breast in females.

Based on some research, checking PSA amounts during cancer tumors therapy in females could be beneficial in monitoring the therapy for a few forms of cancer of the breast.Read more